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6 Points for Lawn Maintenance

1. Ascend technicians will walk property policing grounds for debris and will remove all maintenance debris.

2. Our technicians will string trim the entire mowing area for that fresh, manicured look.

3. Our technicians will professionally edge the property with every mowing.

4. We will use freshly sharpened (daily) blades on only the best commercial equipment to ensure a professional high-quality mowing.

5. Ascend will clean-up and blow off all grounds after mowing for a fresh cleaning

6. Crew foreman will perform a property inspection to ensure all personal effects are replaced as they were before Ascend mowed, all gates are closed and the customer received a high-quality, professional mowing.

​Lawn Tips

  • When watering your lawn, let the water run for 6 to 8 minutes.
  • When the water begins to run off into the street your yard is saturated, Watering longer than this time frame is usually a waste. 
  • Aerations allow moisture to get to the roots that is needed to promote a healthy growing lawn.